NOT JUST for Minnesotans, we hold events around the nation.  We are called Minnesotans Against Terrorism because we were founded in Minnesota (2002).


In the Sunday, February 3, 2002, Minneapolis Star Tribune, the paper wrote a response to reader complaints of bias in reporting about terrorist attacks against Israel. The next day, the Wall Street Journal's wrote a scathing critique of the Star Tribunes' policy.

Wall Street Journal Editor James Taranto wrote in part: "[T]he Minneapolis Star Tribune is willing to call al Qaeda a terrorist organization. But if you murder only Jews, you are not a terrorist -- at least in the eyes of those who edit Minnesota's largest newspaper. We wish we were making this up...." The Wall Street Journal went on to criticize the Star Tribune's claim of being "even handed" as incredible.

Soon after, a grassroots effort was formed to publicize the Wall Street Journal's critique of the Star Tribune's biased policy. Funds were raised to pay for a full page ad in the Star Tribune. Hundreds of Minnesotans signed on to the effort including 4 U.S. Senators, the past state Governor and (the then current) Governor Jesse Ventura, many prominent legislators, business people and clergy.

These voices united to say; We call on the Star Tribune to demonstrate moral leadership and journalistic professionalism and change their biased policy immediately.

View the Wall Street Journal's Editorial


On April 2, 2002, Minnesotans Against Terrorism placed a full page ad in the Star Tribune.

View the MAT Press Release of April 2, 2002

View the MAT Press Release of April 12, 2002

View the MAT Press Release of May 29, 2002


The Denver Post takes sides with us in
their editorial from Sunday, April 7th.

Paper's 'Terrorist' Policy - Minneapolis
from The Washington Post April 3, 2002

Brit Hume on the Star Tribune "terrorist" issue
from Fox News April 9, 2002

Views from both sides of an unresolvable conflict
published in Star Tribune April 14, 2002


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